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Lake Superior Prov. Park.

 Painted Snowflakes


Acrylics by Stacey dF

Working almost exclusively in acrylic paint,  Stacey has studied with a variety of artists and at select schools. Her work is of memories and homages to people she has met or wished to have met. The collection is small but ever growing.

The artwork gallery below are an overview of her work in various stages of her life as an artist. Clicking on one will bring up more information.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these or commissioning a piece  please email Stacey here.

Kenyan Butchery
Fetching Water
Father and Son
Abstracted Landscape
Channelling Cezanne
Murphy ( commision)
For Ukraine
Winter Barn
Kayaking Quebec
Tribute to Manet
Poppy Vase
Flowers from Shell
Acrylics, River view
colorful Zebra
Cambridge, Grand River
It Never Rains,
Cambridge Train Bridge
LA Franks
Barrel Girls
Sea Turtle
Puppy Portrtait

For information on having your pet's portrait painted, contact Stacey directly

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